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Our Origin Story
Our Origin Story

Our journey to creating the perfect smoking devices began from a simple, yet essential observation. One evening, while hanging out, one friend noticed the other's bong was coated with resin — it was a mess. Concerned, he asked, "You smoke all the time, so why don’t you clean this more often?" The answer was straightforward but troubling: "It’s just too hard to clean, especially in my tiny apartment sink."

This moment sparked a realization that there had to be a better way to enjoy our sessions without the hassle of a hard-to-clean smoking device. Motivated by a desire for a cleaner, healthier smoking experience, we set out to design a solution. The result was Weeday’s first modular bong

Designed not only for its aesthetic appeal and ergonomic comfort, Weeday products feature an innovative twist-apart mechanism, making it incredibly easy to clean, no matter the size of your sink. It was crafted with the philosophy that ‘clean glass is happy glass,’ ensuring that every puff is as fresh as the first.`

Our Mission
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Our Mission

As members of this vibrant community, we've been thrilled with the progress we've made together. However, despite our hard work, we felt that our smoking gear still needed a modern look and feel. We believe that smokers deserve accessories that are not only functional and hygienic but also stylish and fun. At Weeday, we're not just another brand—we're a community of like-minded individuals who embrace the high lifestyle. 

Our mission is to bring this lifestyle to the mainstream and help people understand that it's not just about getting high, but about embracing a culture that promotes creativity, freedom, and individuality. We're always innovating, striving to bring you fresh designs that embody the spirit of the high lifestyle. Our gears are not just accessories; they're an extension of your personality, designed to cater to each person's unique style and preference while excelling in functionality and hygiene.

Join Our Community
Join Our Community

At Weeday, we believe that friends don’t let friends smoke from dirty glass. Our creation is more than just a smoking tool; it's a commitment to enhancing your smoking experience, making maintenance simple, and ensuring smoking moments are pristine. We want to spread positivity, creativity, and joy through our gears and make the world a better place.

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The Bong

Elevate your sessions with our modular glass bongs, offering both top-notch filtration and a custom bong setup. Perfect for those who love an ultra-smooth, tailored smoking experience.

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The Pipe

Our pocket-sized spoon pipes redefine convenience. Featuring detachable parts for easy cleaning, they ensure freshness with every use. Compact and portable, these hand pipes are the ultimate travel-friendly accessory for smokers.

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The Bong mini

Enjoy the best of both worlds: the superior filtration of a water bong and the portability of a hand pipe, all in our compact bubbler. Perfect for those with dynamic lifestyles who prioritize top-quality smoking experiences, without compromise.

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