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From Acrylic to Glass, bong users today are blessed with a various choices for their accessories.

A illustration of the silhouette of different type of water bongs with straight tube, long tube and short tube with beaker base..

History of smoking is almost as old as the history of humanity itself, and just like us, our ancestors also used accessories of all sizes and shapes. Interestingly, these smoking accessories changed in its names and materials, but the overall form and function has largely stayed the same. From the Scythians of the ancient steppe to the Royals of Qing Dynasty China, the gear they used to inhale smoke all took the form of what we today call a bong. With evolution, materials also took different forms. From The old methods of steel and ceramic, to the more recent silicone and glass, bongs come in various materials and shapes. This evolution has left users with several choices for types of accessories, but we are all often confused about choosing what the best bong is for us. So today, we plan to help you find out what type of bong is the best bong for you, and what the pros and cons are.


  1. Acrylic Bong
  2. Silicone Bong
  3. Ceramic Bong
  4. Glass Bong
  5. Ice Catcher Bong
  6. Percolator Bong
  7. The Best Modular Bong

Acrylic Bongs: The Up-And-Coming

A purple straight tube acrylic bong in a light blue background.

Acryl is a type of plastic material well-known for its durability and lightweight. It is also very easy to add color to the material so variations of bongs can be made easier compared to other materials. Acryl is also much cheaper to manufacture than other materials, and because of this, acrylic bong is the type bong you’d find in a typical college student’s apartment. College students like our all-time-high college friend Chris, a harmless, all-time-high friend who barely moves an inch at a time. If he ever passed you a colorful bong while talking about some alien conspiracy theories, it most likely was acrylic.

While acrylic bongs are durable, the repeated use over time can eventually weaken the bong to a point where it will start to crack. This is because the smoke can eventually damage the material over time. While the material’s toxicity is still debatable, the more you use the bong, the inevitable a strange odor resulting from acryl-smoke contact will make you question your decision. For such reasons the users have to clean acrylic bong more often than other types of bongs. But even after cleaning the odor typically remains. Because of this, a more in-depth cleaning is required when compared to other types of materials. This will bring in an even more complicated, pedantic process for cleaning a bong.

Silicone Bongs: The Blacksheep

A turquoise color straight tube silicone bong

Silicone is a relatively new material that found its way into the world of bongs. The material can be made in different levels of stiffness, and its flexibility makes the bong near-impossible to break. Because of this, silicone bongs are loved by smokers who tend to be a little less careless or have sloppy hands. Silicone, like acryl, is also easy to bring out color, so you will typically see more expressive silicone bongs than say, glass bongs. Silicone bongs also tend to be cheaper than other bongs due to cheaper manufacturing cost, so it is a very popular choice for both the younger and older generation.

The downside of silicone is the experience. Similar to acrylic bongs, silicone bongs also produce a funny odor resulting from smoke and silicone contact. Not a lot of people are particularly fans of the smell, and are discouraged to buy silicone bongs for this reason. Not only does it hinder the taste of the smoke itself, but the taste of the smell itself isn’t going to be your ideal vape choice. Silicone bongs are also given fewer choices when it comes to add-ons inside due to its flexibility. If you want to use a silicone bong, you will have to say goodbye to fancy features such as percolators and other add-ons.

Ceramic Bongs: The OG

A purple ceramic bong with sphere-shaped base in a neon green background

Due to its luxury and softness, ceramic has been used in the ancient times as the go-to material for various items like housewares. The artisans didn’t stop there and also went on to produce ancient forms of smoking accessories with the material. While it gave up its champion title to glass, ceramic bongs still boast a large fanbase due to its ability to create unique designs and detail. While it cannot compete against acrylic or plastic in durability, silicone bongs are still more durable than glass, which can give some edge to the most popular material. Ceramic bong doesn’t create a strange odor upon contact with smoke unlike some materials, making the overall experience much more pleasurable, enjoyable and luxurious.

The problem with ceramic bongs is the visibility. The opaqueness of the material makes it hard to see the smoke inside nor the water. This problem makes it harder to see how much smoke you are about to inhale. The opaqueness also interferes with cleaning the bong, giving headache to users who want to clean the accessory thoroughly. Ceramic also has much higher conductivity than any other bong materials, meaning that when used multiple times, you might have an urge to let go from the heat and break the bong while smoking.

Glass Bongs: The All-Time Champion

A pink glass bong with sphere base in a pink background

The most common and widely used material for bongs is, of course, glass. Everyone may have a favorite material for his/her bong but there is no denying that every smoker with a preference in bongs would have bought a glass bong at some point in their life, let alone smoke one. The glass bong has proven many times, despite the competition, why it is the best in overall experience. Because smoke cannot permeate glass it doesn’t produce any weird or disturbing taste. With its ease of cleaning due to its transparency, glass bong is easily one of the best bongs out there. Glass is also fairly easy to shape, so bongs can come in various creative shapes and have a lot more add-on possibilities such as percolators, attracting users looking for something more unique.

The downside of glass bongs is that they are the easier to break. Glass, obviously, shatters like nothing else. And anyone who has experienced breaking a glass bong will easily know that it is an absolute nightmare. Plus, with all the good aspects mentioned above, it only makes sense that glass bongs are the priciest of the bunch. With prices ranging somewhere between $70 and $200, using a glass bong will definitely set your wallet back greater than other types of bongs.

Ice Catcher Bongs: The Cool Companion 

Ice catcher bongs are ingeniously designed with built-in notches, known as ice catchers, in their neck or tube. These catchers hold ice to cool down the smoke, ensuring a smoother and comfortable hit. Ideal for those who prefer a gentler smoking experience, these bongs are increasingly popular for their ability to reduce throat irritation. If you're looking for refreshingly cool sessions, the ice catcher bong is the perfect companion for you!

Percolator Bongs: A Surprise Challenger

A guy pours water into his glass bong with percolator and inhale

A surprise challenger boasts not in material, but in ability. Percolator bongs are typically made of glass with percolators attached inside them. The percolator lets smoke to travel through the water once more, filtering out an already filtered smoke once more. The extra-filter gives users a smoother smoking experience than any other types of bongs without the add-ons. Percolators also come in various different types and shapes (tornado, UFO, etc), bombarding users with different choices to choose from. If you’ve ever seen a percolator bong in action, you would instantly be impressed by the traveling smoke within the accessories making it look like some smoke art.

Percolators are definitely nice, but they do have a set of problems. The elephant in the room is of course cleaning. Sure, percolator bongs are cool and it’s fun watching the smoke travel through an additional water chamber, but like any other types of bongs, the more you use the accessory the dirtier it will get. Most of the percolators are not detachable either, so the problem of cleaning is now made to be a bigger problem.

Recognizing this challenge, we've innovated a game-changing solution: the detachable percolator from Weeday. With this design, you can enjoy the smoothness of percolation without the hassle of difficult cleaning.

The Verdict

Every bong has its pros and cons, and whether you choose one or the other there will always be a problem somewhere. Finding the right bong material is a tiresome, but a worthwhile process. A thorough research will definitely make you satisfied. If you look at the chart below, you might guess what we're going to introduce next - The best modular bong from Weeday.
A comparison chart for different types of bong, with Weeday bong as the winner

Weeday Modular Bong: The One Bong to Rule them All

Depending on your need or preference you can choose the right bong for yourself. BUT, if you are still not decided or not satisfied with any of them, we may have a solution for you:

Person detaching the mouthpiece from the base of a Weeday modular bong

Designed to make your choices easier, the Weeday modular bong is a new generation of glass bongs that is easy to clean, durable, safe and fun to use. The detachable parts enable easier cleaning compared to any other types of bongs, while the borosilicate glass, combined with the outer silicone, ensures improved durability, safety and a healthy smoking experience. The silicone parts are covering only the outside of the bong, so you can relax and not have to worry about any weird smells.

Weeday bong and pipe with different silicone cover combinations

So now you know that the function of Weeday bong is the best out there, what about the design? Remember the protective silicones? They come with a variety of colors and designs to choose from, and you can customize your bong to your own taste. Once you see your accessories ready and colorful, you will never want to go back to leaving your bong dirty ever again. Weeday got you covered for your style, and our selection for your personalization is ever-growing.

A person holding the Weeday modular glass bong against a blue background, featuring a yellow smoke illustration. 'Shop Now' button is located in the bottom left corner.

Impressed by The Bong from Weeday? Get yourself a Weeday modular bong!
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