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Clean bongs give you one of the best highs. Don’t let a dirty bong ruin your experience.

There are many ways to smoke cannabis, but every smoker would agree that bong is by far one of the best ways to get the ultimate high. With that said, cleaning a bong is an important matter to a majority of smokers, and leaving a clean bong dirty could impact the user's experience, health, money, and even social agenda. The bong gained a solid fanbase with its smoother hits and higher effect. But while those effects depend drastically on its cleanliness, users still choose to neglect cleaning their own beautiful and pricey bongs. How they sleep at night, thinking about their resin-stained, ash-filled bongs, will always be a mystery.


A water pipe, more commonly called bong, is a smoking device that filters smoke through water before hitting the lungs of its users. The filtered smoke gives users a cleaner, smoother hit by alleviating heat and removing potential harmful bacteria. The filtration lowers the possibility of consuming harmful substances overall, and brings a better high with smoother and richer hits. However, this is only in effect when the bong is uncontaminated. Leaving the accessory unwashed will cancel out many of the effects mentioned above and also could risk causing health problems. In this article, we venture through the problems and negative effects of what a dirty and a clean bong can do, and give you a number of reasons why cleaning your bong is essential.


Why should you clean your bong after all? We get it. It's a hard task. Sometimes the process could easily take more than half of your day. Then add the tiredness, ash-stained clothes, and a total destruction of your bathroom, and the job sounds impossible. Of course, you don’t have to be a lab rat and smoke a dirty bong filled with cinders to know it isn’t a healthy sport. But avoiding cleaning your bong also comes with consequences worse than spending half a day in your bathroom. When you smoke a dirty bong, you’re risking not only your satisfaction and health, but your social agenda as well.


Let’s start with the fundamental: the effect. Clean bongs are designed to give users a better high because they create and give more smoke than other devices. However, repeatedly using them will eventually attract and create resins, mold, tar, carcinogen and other wastes within the bong. Because of their shape, bongs can’t easily release the waste that sticks inside, creating a black, ring-shaped stain. The stain is sticky and attracts the vital cannabinoids (namely THC and CBD) that you would otherwise enjoy. As a result, a dirty bong can result in a weaker high, leaving you unsatisfied. And because of this, cleaning your bong is an essential procedure for reaching the perfect high.


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If the waste created in the once-clean bong only messes with the effect, perhaps the solution to the problem can simply be solved by just smoking more. Unfortunately, the world isn’t that simple. On top of the reduced effect, dirty bongs also increase chances of consuming harmful substances directly through your lungs. As you use the bong continuously, its water will become contaminated from the ashes filled. And when the smoke from that dirty bong water travels through your lungs, so will the contamination.

These substances are also responsible for your meant-to-be smooth hit becoming harsher than normal. With the added toxicity, your smoke will harshly travel through your lungs and worsen the experience. The combination of inefficiency and contamination will eventually affect your health, possibly even causing diseases like bronchitis, lung inflammation, and more, which can easily be avoided by cleaning. So, there it is. Simply smoking more is not a great way to mend the lowered effect. Increased toxicants and harsher hits, thereby risking your lung health, is another reason why you should clean your bong and avoid smoking from a dirty one.


While using a dirty bong will directly impact your body, it’s not the only aspect that you should be concerned about. Not cleaning your dirty bong, dare I say, will also impact your everyday lifestyle, namely your wallet. Smoking is a rather expensive hobby. The average price of a bong ranges somewhere between $50-150, and purchasing the extra herb due to waste will also set you back somewhere between $20-50 per purchase. Such expensive purchases will only increase when the bong is not cleaned properly. The lowered effects of cannabinoids will only force you to buy and consume more cannabis than necessary, and a lighter wallet isn’t exactly an ideal partner for your trip to a local Korean-Barbecue restaurant when you have the munchies.

That’s added on to the above mentioned health problems. Lung infections are not only costly, but can also turn into deadly diseases. The United States is known for its hefty bill on health care. According to the Preventative Diagnostic Center, the average cost of living with lung disease could range between $3,238, all the way up to $76,159 in a lifetime. Of course, while average smokers are not (I hope) likely to become the victim of such serious problems, it’s not to say they’re completely out of the picture. These lung infections are not only costly, but can also turn out to be deadly diseases. If the extra cost, unhealthy lifestyle, and reduced effect still aren’t convincing enough about why you should clean your bong, let me try to convince you once more before you click the X on the top right corner of your browser (left if you use Mac).


Cannabis is becoming more mainstream and less stigmatized, but prejudices still exist. We all remember that one overly chill, laid-back friend from college named Chris, who’d gladly pass you his dirty bong upon your visit, smiling but hardly moving an inch from the couch. Of course he probably was a nice friend with harmless intent, but the vibe of his room along with his signature overused greentea-looking bong wouldn’t have been a proud sight for your parents on a parent visit day. It’s the 21st century, so the first impression of the cannabis community won’t necessarily be Chris’s room, but it might as well be if your attitude remains stagnant.

Smoking cannabis is a new form of hobby that just began correcting its reputation. However, the outside world still sometimes sees smokers as nothing more than drug addicts and unproductive couch potatoes. This prejudice is another reason why you should clean your bong. We all cheer and brag that smoking cannabis is healthy and good for you, much more positive than any other drugs out there (alcohol included). But chanting amongst ourselves, while neglecting bong hygiene and thereby the outside opinion, won’t change the view of our community any time soon. First impressions matter, and showcasing the glass-aesthetics of a clean bong rather than a dirt-filled one will leave a much better impression, changing the view of the people outside the community over time.


Legal cannabis, in legal areas, is now considered a recreational hobby, but there are people who also need it to manage their health conditions. So far, a lot of areas, including Japan, are considering legalizing cannabis for medical use, but other places still are not convinced to do so. Patients around the world that need cannabis for medical reasons are blocked from the opportunity because the law still sees the herb as a harmful drug rather than a medical breakthrough. If you enjoy the cannabis lifestyle, it is up to you to change the prejudice surrounding the community and bring it into the mainstream. The idea of cleaning a dirty bong leading to medical legalization could be a stretch, but it is a small step to a big movement that can change people’s minds and benefit those in need. 


Rinsing a clean and glowy bong base with water against a blue background. "Shop now" button on the picture.

Using a bong is a great way to level up your experience of reaching a new height. However, if the bong is not cleaned properly, it defeats the whole purpose. Here is an TL;DR for the lazy folks out there:
What a Dirty Bong Does To You:
  1. Dirty bongs hinder your high experience.
  2. Dirty bongs lead to toxin exposure and harsher hits, impacting your lungs.
  3. Dirty bongs can cost you extra money.
  4. Dirty bongs can give a negative perspective of the cannabis community to non-smokers.
  5. Dirty bongs can slow the process of our community helping people access medical cannabis.


Cleaning your bong will directly impact your cannabis experience and health for the better, but it can also impact other people’s lives completely. We are currently living in a historic moment of cannabis renaissance, and now is the best time to change the public perspective of this misunderstood yet beneficial herb. It is up to us, the users and the community to bring a view of positivity to the public, and that’s where cleaning your bong can help. The question of why you should clean your bong can be answered simply, but the impact behind it could change the whole community for better or worse. It is up to us, the community, to decide where we should lead ourselves to. Now, with that sorted, should we now explore how to clean the bong?


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