The Bong Cover
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Dust-free surface

By maintaining quality in the silicones of our bongs, thereby bringing a better experience overall

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Innovative threads connector

Easy-opening brings an easy-to-clean process, and our bongs are made just for that

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Poker included

Throw away the fear of clogging and keep your water pipe always ready

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Ultra-soft touch

Maintaining quality and giving the softest experience is what bongs with silicone are all about

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Dishwasher safe

Easy cleaning with the convenience of dishwasher compatibility

Inhale the colors of the cosmos with our vibrant, trippy swirls, making each session an adventure with the Weeday Swirl Bong Cover.

  • Ultra-soft silicone covers
  • Food-grade plastic connector
  • Anti-static treatment ensures dust resistance
  • Heat-resistant
  • Compatible with The Bong
  • Interchangeable design enables customization

  • The Cover for Bong
  • Poker
  • Giftable package

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Close-up of individuals in street clothes holding trendy mix-match cover bongs.
New look, same gear
New look, same gear

Ultra-soft grip, collectible colors, ultimate glass protection. Heighten and guard your vibe!

Woman holding a Weeday modular glass bong with sky and smoke silicone cover, set against an street wall.
Build your own bong
Build your own bong

Customize your unique bong, tailored to your smoking style. Begin with the tube and base, then your choice of silicone covers and interchangeable parts.

Customize Your Color

8 unique colors to switch up your bong, suiting the seasons, your mood, and more.

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