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The never-ending battle of the gears—which one will give you the best high?

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History has seen some great rivalries. The Dodgers and Giants have been at each other since we don’t know when, Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s rivalry got so serious Pepsi decided to buy 17 submarines. Alien and Predator have been battling for so long I don’t even know how many movies they have at this point. But perhaps the most iconic rivalry within the cannabis community is not between brands, teams or individuals, but gears. Ever since its creation, the debate between bongs and pipes has been so intense it even made some users get down from their highs to argue their part. As long as the industry continues to thrive, so will the debate. So why is there such a big argument about smoking gears? What difference does it really make other than size? What is the best way to smoke weed? Let’s explore the different ways to smoke weed and figure out which is the best for you.


Evolution of bongs and pipes from ancient time to today

There are a number of different ways to smoke weed, but perhaps the most prominent ways to smoke have always been assisted with gears, such as bongs and pipes. The history of both pipes and bongs can be traced back to ancient times all over the world. And it would be easy to think that these cultures have been battling over for the dominance of smoking gears, but the relationship between the two distinct gears was rather integral. While the purpose of these two gear options was to smoke, the usage was vastly different. For example, hand pipes were preferred for their portability while bongs for their filtration. These gears acted as complements, rather than replacements.

Despite that, the smoking experience of the said gears are still vastly distinct, creating debates among the gears’ fandoms about which is the best way to smoke weed. Instead of pitching them in a battle to see which is the superior, let’s analyze and discuss the different experiences these two gears bring to the users like civilized gentlemen.


At this point, we should all know how a bong works. But for the uninformed, a bong is a smoking device that filters the smoke from the water stored in the bowl. Of all the different ways to smoke weed, using a bong will give you the best high. The bong has been used by people of different cultures and regions, and is still loved by smokers worldwide today. The gear shows many advantages compared to other smoking methods, but also has an array of problems of its own. Let’s explore the characteristics of the bong and see if it deserves to be called the best way to smoke weed.



If you think the best way to smoke weed is determined by health, bongs are the obvious choice. The water placed inside the bong filters the toxins from the smoke, letting the user enjoy a healthier and richer experience. By passing through the water, substances like acrolein and acetaldehyde, which are toxic to the human body, are effectively filtered out. The filtration advantage goes even further by enabling a smoother hit compared to non-filtered smoke. One of the biggest concerns for many smokers is a damaged throat, which will inevitably lead to coughing, sore throat, and an uncomfortable feeling that lingers long after you’re done smoking. Filtration does not completely eliminate the sore throat, but it significantly lowers the pain that normally accompanies it, which is why bong is considered the best way to smoke weed by many.


The bong, with its ability to store and secure smoke in its chamber, enables you to inhale a lot more smoke than other ways to enjoy weed. More smoke results in a richer experience. And for the experienced users, using a bong will bring more satisfaction than using a pipe while also reducing the toxicity. While it may not be for everybody, the richer inhalation of the bong takes a significant advantage over a hand pipe because a single bong hit gives the same effect as multiple hits from a hand pipe. This has led some sommeliers of cannabis to claim that using a bong is the best way to smoke weed.


Bongs are rather simple, but amazing scientific filtration devices. A clean, stainless bong on display is a sight to behold. With a variety of different materials to choose from, the bong can have different looks and vibes to accommodate each user’s tastes. Watching the smoke travel through the bong and to the user’s lung is another scientific aesthetic, as the filtration process can be easily observed with your naked eye, demonstrating this healthy way of smoking weed. The aesthetics may not make using bongs the best way of smoking weed alone, but it can contribute to a more interesting and pleasurable experience than a hand pipe.



Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The bong’s size and fixed shape leads to a big problem when trying to transport or carry it. The sheer size, compared to a hand pipe or other methods of smoking, will discourage many users from ever bringing a bong outside their homes. While there are smaller bongs to combat the discomfort, the complex design of a bong (including a downstem and a bowl) complicates transporting it, requiring a special bag, or risking damage to the glass. If you prefer smoking outdoors or want to carry your gear to another location, using a bong may not be the best way to smoke weed.


Another problem of using a bong is its hygiene. Don’t get us wrong; using a bong is one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed. However, the problem arises after you’ve used it. A bong, after a repeated use, will eventually attract resins inside, visually and hygienically contaminating the gear. Leaving the gear uncleaned will cause unprecedented damage to both the user and the bong. The solution, of course, is cleaning the bong, but cleaning the gear itself is a daunting task, and the process may eventually discourage you from ever cleaning it again. This cleaning problem is critical for bong users, because the healthiest way to smoke weed can easily change into a toxic way because of its inefficient design.


The bong, with its functionality alone, is worthy of being called the best way to smoke weed. However,problems like portability and cleaning difficulties arise outside of the function, which lowers the overall satisfaction of using the gear itself. While the portability can be a subject of taste, the problem of hygiene and complications of cleaning is enough to discourage the user from using the gear. For the bong to become the best and the healthiest way of smoking weed, it will have to overcome these problems. Fortunately, some bongs have managed to overcome these problems.


A hand pipe is perhaps the most common gear for smoking weed. With the same origin as our granddad’s smoking pipe, the hand pipe is essentially a simplified, shrunken version of a bong, without the water filtration. While it may sound inferior, the hand pipe is still considered by many to be the best way to smoke weed. With aspects ranging from experience to design, let’s see what the perks of using a hand pipe are.



If you happen to be a frequent smoker, then the pipe might be the right choice for you. From a pipe that fits in your pocket to a piece as big as your arm, the hand pipe boasts a huge advantage in size and portability compared to a bong. If the user is enjoying the outdoors and wanting a quick puff, using a hand pipe would be the obvious choice as the design is meant to be portable and the preparation is simple. If size and portability are your main considerations, hand pipes may be the best way to smoke weed.


When comparing the ease of use, hand pipes are without a doubt the easier gear to smoke. While the bong’s technical aspects may draw some attention, the preparation, use, and the cleaning processes are time consuming. Hand pipes, on the other hand, are a one-piece gear which doesn’t need any preparation or after-use process. For users who are more concerned about instant smoking, hand pipes may be the best way to smoke weed.


Experience is a subjective matter, but depending on the frequency of smoking, the user may prefer the hand pipe’s experience over a bong’s experience. A bong, without a doubt, will bring in a lot more smoke to the user than a hand pipe, increasing the user’s high. But for the inexperienced, the extra-potent high may cause an uncomfortable feeling. For such users, a hand pipe may be the much better alternative. The optimal level of experience from smoking differs from person to person, and for those who prefer a more subtle high, hand pipes can be the gear that brings much more satisfaction.



Simplicity may be the best form of sophistication, but not when it comes to filtration. Because of its small size, hand pipes are often made without any form of filtration for the smoke, leaving the experience much harsher. The harsher hit results from unfiltered toxins, which could ultimately damage the user’s lungs. For smokers who prefer a smoother hit, or are more concerned with their health, hand pipes may not be the best choice.


Hand pipes are portable and small, and while that contributes to easier use, it significantly limits the additional abilities of the gear. While various bongs have add-on features ranging from ice catchers to percolators, the hand pipe’s small size limits the number of add-ons to improve the smoking experience. Because of this, people who prefer enjoying many different experiences of smoking may steer away from using a hand pipe.


Hand pipes are a unique type of gear that has gathered a solid fandom among smokers. The pipe’s simple, portable design offers a great advantage over a bong or other types of smoking gears. But, like all other gears, the hand pipe also has its own problems in terms of scalability and filtration. Using a hand pipe will be a lot more common for people who prefer carrying their gears around or are frequent smokers.


There are different ways to smoke weed, but bongs and pipes are considered to be the healthiest ways to smoke weed. Both bongs and pipes have been popular since the emergence of smoking. With each having its own distinctive advantages, choosing the best way to smoke weed is entirely up to each user. For people preferring smoother hits and more potent experience, bongs are the ideal choice, while people that prefer portability and simplicity will ultimately prefer hand pipes. So now the question is given to you: in your opinion, which method is the best way to smoke weed?


If you enjoy either of the gears mentioned above but are concerned about the disadvantages, we have a solution for you. Weeday’s gears were developed by taking users’ problems with their previous gear into account, letting them enjoy a highly improved device that’s better for the overall experience. Weeday’s gear designs highlight their signature detachability, making cleaning and carrying your bong so much easier than a normal one-piece bong. The design is easy to clean to prevent resin buildup, making them one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed, while maintaining the same higher cannabis experience advantage. Weeday’s hand pipe is designed to be scalable by enabling add-on filters and interchangeable silicone covers, solving the problem of filtration as well as scalability. The best way to smoke weed is all about preference, but we want to help you choose your favorite method without the setbacks.

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