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There are a variety of ways to smoke weed - but what suits you the best?

If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, you will realize there is more than one way to smoke your favorite herb, and each method of smoking gives you a unique experience. The question of how to smoke weed is very similar to cooking an egg. Much like how an egg can be cooked (sunny-side up, scrambled, boiled, and etc.), weed can be smoked in different ways as well and give you different experiences.

If you are new, you can start with beginner-friendly methods such as vaping. If you are experienced, using smoking accessories like pipes and bongs could be your go-to. If you consider raw experience as an important aspect, a joint or blunt could be the right way for you. So, how do we determine which method of how to smoke weed is the right way for you? Let’s have a look at the 3 types on How to smoke weed.


Even though smoking weed has been largely legalized in many areas and is popular around the States, there are still things you should consider before you start your journey, with some aspects being more important than others, such as the law.

  • Make sure your state (country if you are outside the U.S.) has legalized the use of recreational weed- If you are not so sure on the legality, refer to these websites to see if your state, or country has legalized weed. Don’t consume weed if your country/state prohibits the herb by law.
  • Make sure your age is compliant with the age restriction of your country/state.
  • If you are a beginner, start little at a time, too much consumption from the beginning can be an overwhelming experience.
  • Be with an experienced person if it is your first time. Weed can sometimes bring an overwhelming effect, and the experience can be unpleasant if you are experiencing a negative high without anyone to look after you.
  • Be comfortable. Too much thought could be a bad experience for you. Relax, enjoy and laugh while you experience.

Now that’s out of the way, shall we begin on how to smoke weed?


Let’s start with types that aren’t too extreme for the beginners: Vaping. The term vaping normally reminds of electronic cigarettes, and for cannabis, the method is basically the same. Smoking requires inhaling the smoke produced from burning a certain type of substance like tobacco or cannabis, while vaping makes this easy by producing vape instead of smoke. Smoking arises from burning the weed so of course, the heat will inevitably hurt your throat. While vaping could make you cough as well, it could be a much more pleasurable and less painful way to start the experience. Not only that, the smell of the flower, which could be unpleasant for beginners, is a no worry in vaping, making it an easier choice for people with sensitive noses. So while not exactly fitting into the methods of how to smoke weed, vaping is considered to be a much better alternative for the first users. Vaping, However, there are also different ways in vaping as well. Confused yet? Let’s see what the ways are:


Two golden-colored vaporizers

Vaporizers are no strangers to the world we live in. There are about 55 million people currently enjoying the vaping culture, a significant 24 million increase from 2021. Most of the vaporizers you see people using are of course associated with nicotine rather than THC or CBD stored in cannabis. But vaporizers also exist for cannabis, and while the effect could be less than other methods, the subtle experience could be a perfect starting kit for beginners.

The weed vaporizer is typically associated with cannabis oil. The cartridge that contains the oil is heated up to be vaporized, which makes it much smoother than the traditional burning and smoking. It is also the easiest method of smoking; Insert cartridges, press the button, and inhale the vapor. When done, recharge for the next hit and repeat. Start with a low-dosage THC, and gradually increase as you experience more with the substance. Some vaporizers go a step further to vaporize concentrates, or actual flowers, but for the beginner, a normal vape with cartridge insertion will do the job.

The vaporizer however, contains problems of its own. Due to its ease, the user may abuse the usage too much, increasing tolerance and decreasing the effect. Some studies also say that vaping marijuana is not so safer, sometimes even more harmful than smoking. While there is a debate going on regarding the case, overusing whatever substance, of whatever method, is always never a good idea.


Wax used for dabbing

Dabbing is similar to vaporizers in usage, but the effect that comes with it is a completely different, and a much stronger experience. For this reason we recommend dabbing for users who are already familiar with other methods of smoking. Dabbing also uses a vaporization method, but the big difference that separates dabbing from the vaping method above has to do with the substances used to inhale. Dabbing also comes with a choice of substances that have a lot higher potency of THC than vaping. The concentration, typically called wax, honey comb, and other names, is a concentration higher than that of cannabis oil and gives a much more intense experience than other methods.

The downside of dabbing is that the preparation is quite a difficult task. Dabbing requires a more complex preparation than other smoking methods, like a torch, a dab rig, a titanium piece, and more. And as mentioned, dabbing gives you a different type of experience compared to other methods of how to smoke weed, which may overwhelm some users not used to the effect. For these reasons, dabbing is not a great way for the beginners to get into. If you have been consuming cannabis for a while, then maybe it is time to change your method into dabbing.


Dabbing and vaping are at the other end of the spectrum; while one is recommended for a beginner, the other is recommended for the experienced. But one thing that brings them together is the vaporization. While these methods aren’t exactly aligned with how to smoke weed, it is still a method of inhalation very popular. The vaporization makes smoking a much easier and smoother experience than inhaling the smoke, with less pain and less smell to deal with. But of course, while some prefer the less painful way, some prefer smoking as the legitimate way of smoking.


Pure smoking is one of the most common methods of how to smoke weed. These types usually are made to experience the most raw form of smoking, and due to this, there is minimal filtration process involved. For these reasons some people stray away from such ways, while others enjoy the pureness and rawness of the experience. There are always pros and cons, but in this case the cons may outweigh the pros, mostly for health reasons. Let’s see what type of pure smoking methods there are.


A green cannabis joint

One of the most common methods of how to smoke weed is using a joint. The method of how to smoke a joint can be described simply, but the execution may require attention. A joint, much like a cigarette, rolls the grinded up cannabis into a rolling paper. Rolling a joint requires some skill, but is still a very common method for smoking weed. A beginner with an experienced friend will definitely encounter a joint at some point due to its popularity. Have yourself a rolling paper ready, and roll your herbs with the paper, seal the end tip by twisting it, and light the end tip with fire. If you have a filter available, it is best to put the filter on the mouth-side to ensure less toxins enter your body.

The downside to smoking a joint is that despite its popularity, it is still one of the most raw forms of inhalation. This means that unlike vapes or gears, the only filter that goes through the initial smoke is the small filter you put earlier, making the experience a lot harsher and painful to the throat.Like everything, you can get used to it and eventually not feel the pain at all, but at the cost of damaging your throat. The joint is also very hard to roll for a beginner. No matter how perfect the ratio of weed, and the consistency of rolling is, joints hardly ever are rolled like cigarettes. Joint also makes a lot of waste on your herb due to its complexity in rolling, and also smoking.


A blunt rolled with tobacco leaf wrapper

Blunt is for people who enjoy both tobacco and marijuana. Similar to a joint, blunt uses the same method of rolling, but instead of the rolling paper it uses tobacco leaf wrapper. Due to this, the blunt can be categorized as a method of how to smoke weed, but with added substances. Blunt is enjoyed by the most experienced cannabis users in that it brings a much richer experience with the substance combined with tobacco. The method of how to smoke a blunt is not that difficult or different from smoking a joint. The only difference would be the tobacco, However, as you see in the word tobacco, blunt users are a lot more susceptible to nicotine addiction and critical health problems due to the tobacco leaf paper. Blunt also is traditionally rolled without a filter, so with no filtration process in action, users will definitely consume higher levels of toxins arising from the burning.


Joints and blunts give you a considerably different experience compared to other methods of how to smoke weed, and for that they are popular. But the above mentioned rolling difficulties, waste of your herbs and most importantly health problems, refrain some users from smoking these types. With these in mind, let’s see what the final type shows us.


Using gears is one of the most popular ways to smoke your weed. Not only is the filtration process much more potent that pure smokes, but it also retains the experience of smoking otherwise lost in vaporizers. Gears come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but among them the most popular choices are water pipes, aka bongs, hand pipes, and bubblers. Let’s see what they bring to the table.


A weeday modular bong with purple color pop filter

One of the most popular and old methods of how to smoke weed is using a water pipe, commonly known as a bong. It is a pipe with a beaker shaped bowl for storing water. How to smoke a bong is not a difficult task. The water, when smoking, filters out the smoke once before the inhalation, passing out harmful toxins that could otherwise enter our body. Because of its smoother hits and a much more effective high, smoking through a bong has been popular among many enthusiasts young and old. It is also one of the most symbolic accessories for smoking due to its rather exotic image. Bongs also come in different materials and shapes for your comfort, giving you a broader range of accessories to find the right one.

Bongs, while one of the healthiest ways of smoking (if vaping is not considered) also comes with a downside. The accessory needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly due to its resin susceptibility, and the cleaning requires a lot of hard work, a chore you wouldn't be dealing with if the method was different. If you're tired of washing the bong, consider modular bongs that are made for easy cleaning.


A Weeday modular spoon pipe with pink color pop filter on

Hand pipe is almost as popular as, if not more than, a bong when it comes to smoking accessories. This small, portable gear found its way to fame since ancient times, and has been loved by people around the world. How to smoke a pipe is rather simple. The pipe can be seen as a smaller version of the above mentioned bong, without the water. The method of smoking is the same as Grandpa’s old hand pipes, but hand pipes used for cannabis tend to be straight in shape rather than bent.

Hand pipes also face the same problem of cleaning with bong. Their shape makes them tricky to clean, and since they lack any form of filtration before the smoke reaches the throat, they can be harsher than other smoking methods. If you want to avoid these challenges of traditional pipe, try out Weeday's modular pipe. It's designed with hygiene and smoothness in mind, providing a more pleasant smoking experience. 


Another increasingly popular gear is the bubbler, sometimes referred to as a mini bong. Bubblers work similarly to bongs, using water to purify the smoke before inhalation. The compact design of a bubbler retains the portability of a hand-pipe while incorporating the water filtration system typical of a bong. This results in smoother hits while maintaining its ease and convenience.

Bubblers are especially suited for smokers on the go who don't want to compromise on filtered smoking sessions. So, if you're looking for a clean experience of a bong but also value the simplicity of a pipe, bubblers are your ideal choice. (But hey, why settle for one when you can have them all?)


Using gears is the most convenient method of smoking weed. The costs may incur more in the beginning, but once you have the gears ready and know how to use them, there is no easier method. While the problem of cleaning could make the process daunting, the cleaning essentially makes for a healthier smoke than pure smoking. The ease of smoking and its natural high can also be an advantage over vaping, which could overwhelm you or give you a different kind of experience compared to other methods of smoking.


There is no right or wrong way on how to smoke weed. Each method of smoking has its own good and bad, but also maintains a huge fanbase. But for beginners, we recommend using gears for a healthier use, higher effect and less stress. The gears today are used for more than just smoking, but a representation of the person using them, a personalized accessory for the user’s own style. If you are not a beginner, trying out new experiences (of course given it is safe and legal) is always recommended as well. With this said, what is your favorite method to smoke weed?


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